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While exploring the site it's important to remember that there are two levels to the CoLab Community: the site-wide level and the group level. When you first log in, you're at the site-wide level; if you navigate to a group page, you're now at the group level. Both levels share the same content and navigation, but the group level provides a way to view only a specific subset of what's available on the site-wide level. 

Think of it this way: the site-wide level is like a building that contains everything and everyone in the CoLab, while the group level is like an individual floor in the building. Each floor has its own rooms and people, but you're still inside the building when you visit a floor. 

Main Menu

You can find the Main Menu in the top-right corner of every page on the CoLab Community. This is where you can easily access site-wide pages, search, and your profile.

Click this link to go back to the CoLab homepage

Click this link to access the Data feature for your project. Note: Not all project CoLabs will have this feature/link enabled. 

Click this link to visit the Help section where you can find the FAQ and information about how to request technical support

Notifications envelope icon
Click the Notifications icon (the envelope) to display your recent notifications of site-wide activity. To close the notifications list, just click the icon again.

Unread Notifiations icon
If your Notifications icon has an orange circle with a number on it, that means you have unread notifications.  

Link to user profile page

Click on your name to view your user profile page, which is where you can update your information and change your account settings.

Profile Image and logout link

Click your profile image to display the Logout link, which you can click to log out of your account. (You can change your profile image on the Edit Profile page.)

Click the magnifying glass to open the Search box. Enter your search phrase into the field and then hit the Enter key on your keyboard to search the site.


Navigation Menu


You can find the Navigation Menu directly underneath the banner that's at the top of every page on the CoLab. This menu allows you to access content based on the level of the site you're currently on (site-wide or group). 

If you're on the site-wide level, you'll see content from across the entire community; if you're on the group level you'll see only the content shared with that group. 


The Feed is a continuously-updated stream of everything that is happening in the community (or group, if you are at the group level). This is also the default landing page for the community and every group. The Feed displays new posts, resources, polls, and comments. To filter what you see in your stream by content type, just click the name of the content type you wish to see:

You can also choose to see content from All Groups (including those you aren't a member of) or from My Groups (groups you're a member of). 


The Forums display all the posts that have been shared on the site-wide and group levels in a bulletin board-like layout. The posts you see here are exactly the same as the ones you see in the Feed--the only difference is the layout (stream vs bulletin board). You can filter what you see in the Forums by selecting different options from the drop-down filter menus:


The Members page is where you can view a searchable directory of all the members/users of your project's CoLab.

The Resources section is where you can search for and access all the resources (documents, images, links, etc.) that have been shared on the CoLab by its members. Any user can share a resource, and all resources are accessible to all members.

The Groups page is where you can view a listing of all available groups within the CoLab. If you would like to join a group, just click the orange "Join Group" button on the group's card. You do not have to be a member of a group to view its content.

The Events page is where you can view upcoming events posted by site administrators. You can also RSVP to attend a specific event on this page. 

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