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Comments and Replies

Conversation is what the CoLab is all about, so don't be shy about sharing your thoughts! 

To comment on or reply to something shared by another user, just type your comment into the text box that's displayed underneath the post and click the green button.

You can also attach an image or file to your response and/or "tag" other members. To tag someone, just start typing in his/her name in the Mention to Members field, locate the user's name in the list, and check the box next their name.

Keep in mind

Unlike posts, comments and replies have some limitations in terms of what you can share. But rest assured that we're working on ways to make the CoLab even better for our users, and that includes enhancing comments and replies! 

  • Comments are displayed as "plain text" which means you can't use any formatting like bolded words or different text colors. 
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