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There are a couple of different ways of finding resources and discussions in the community: text search, filtering by folder/category, and filtering by tags

Text Search

Text search is like Google, and will return things that have the particular word in them (whether or not it's about the topic you are interested in).

To do a text search within the CoLab, click on the search icon in the upper right corner of the web page (it looks like a magnifying glass):

After typing in your search keyword(s), hit the Enter key on your keyboard. You will be taken to a page with all matching search results. 

Filtering by Folders & Categories (Resources)

Available only in the Resources section, this method lets you narrow down your search by only showing you resources that are associated with specific Folders and/or Categories. Every resource that's added to the Collaboratory must be assigned to at least one Folder and one Category, so searching this way will help you quickly find the resource you're seeking. 

To find resources by their Folder and/or Category, navigate to the Resources section at either the site-level or group-level. Then select a Folder and/or Category from the lists on the right side of the page. As you make your selections, the list of resources on the left of the page will automatically filter based on what you choose. 

Filtering by Tags (Forums)

This method will return all the things that are affiliated with a specific tag or tag(s). If a tag reflects your interest, this might be the best way for you to find content that's relevant to you. This is also why you should tag things - so you and others can find them easily!

Filtering by tags is available in the Forums section. Across the top of this section, you will see a Filter by drop-down menu. Simply select one of the tags from the drop-down menu to see a filtered list of relevant content.

Note that if you are viewing the Forums within a group, you will only see the Posts associated with that group. If you are viewing the Forums at the site-wide level, you will see the Posts of the entire Collaboratory.



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