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Adding a Resource

Sharing content that teams create is critical to speeding up the improvement process. When you have a document that you wish to share, then uploading it to the community is the perfect way to get people to see it, talk about it, and share it themselves. Here is how we upload a document to the Collaboratory.

Add a Resource

Find the Resources section in the main navigation of the site.

The page will load and you will see the full listing of all the resources that have been added to the community. At the very top of the page you will find the green button that reads, "NEW RESOURCE".

Clicking that button will display the 'Add Resource' form page. At the top of the page you will see the choice between adding a computer file and adding a web link to the Resources section. By default, the page loads with the option "Upload a File" chosen for you.

To begin uploading a file to the community, click on the "Browse" link in the first text box. This will open up a file dialog box on your computer allowing you to find the folder for the file that you wish to add. Click on the correct file and click the Open button from the dialog box to add the file.

After clicking the Open button, you will see your file name shown in the box. Move to the Subject and Description box to add text that will clearly explain what this file is to someone who finds it on the site. It will look similar to this:


Below the Description box, there will be two drop-down menus allowing you to "tag" the resource. The first drop-down will read 'Select the folder for this resource', and the second will read 'Select the category for this resource'. Choose one item from each, and move down the page to the next form field.


With two items chosen, move past the form field marked "Tags", and find the box labeled "Add Group(s)" and click on the field.

After clicking the field, a list of all the groups that you can access will appear. By default, all members are included in the 'Community' group. If you wish to share the resource with more than one group, click the field to add an additional group one at a time.

The last field allows you to alert fellow community members that you have added a resource to the community. Click on the field labeled "Mention to Members".

After clicking the field, type in the first or last name of the member you are looking for, and then choose their name from the list below the field.


The user's name will appear above the field after it has been selected. To finish, click on the 'X' button at the right of the drop down menu.



Finally, you can submit the form by clicking on the green "SHARE RESOURCE" button at the bottom-right of the page.

When the file is finished uploading, the page will return a message stating the file was uploaded successfully.

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